From Known to New. Innovation and Creativity in Neuroscience and Mental Health

 La Habana, Cuba6 – 8 November 2017:

Cuba presentation,  neuroscience, invited by psychiatrist Congress President, Prof. Giuseppe Bersani,  presenting on day 1, 12-1pm

 Working With Patient Consciousness, By A Medical Intuitive MD

Health and consciousness have become separated in our current healthcare system. An MD of many years of both research and practicing experience, I describe how to utilize a particular state of consciousness in the healing arena. This is a process whereby the doctor can not only facilitate the bio- mechanical healing of the body, but can also be the midwife into change on the emotional- spiritual level. This is possibly the realm of ‘spontaneous remissions’, and of intuitive diagnosis, with research from both therapist interviews and personal experience. The science embraces holographic phenomenon, in no way excluding other models, including non-locality.

Specifically, theory, tools, and methods will be discussed, including the required techniques.



Distributive Consciousness: moving one’s consciousness from limited to infinite possibilities – singularity to plurality.

Changing  perspective and ‘2 –pointing’. When conscious focus is held on a minimum of  2 points, as there are an infinite number of points on a line between 2 points, the therapist has immediately opened up to infinite possibility.

 Encouraging coherence of therapist heart waves with both brain hemispheres.

Intent; allowing of a whole – bodied phenomenon, leading to wholeness and resonance.



We’re inherently attuned to a quantum process and interpret/interface with these surrounding energies unconsciously on a daily basis. The scientific and biological/physiological basis of this is that our bodies are regulated by and communicate through a light network on a DNA, cellular and enzyme basis. DNA have been proven to release photons, energetic reactions triggered by electromagnetic light frequencies with both cells and organs exhibit electromagnetic polarity

 We need to understand and consciously work with these energies, accepting the interconnectedness of our physical and nonphysical beings, and the resonances that can develop. In former ages, physicians recognized that true wholeness and healing could only be reached through embracing our own wholeness and knowledge of the innate interconnectedness of all things.


Case Studies

Nu  was a 44-year-old Cambodian professional woman presenting with recurrent abdominal pains.  After numerous consultations, her doctors couldn’t find the cause.

As a new patient, of course I started off with routine history taking. I talked to her about her medical and family history as well as a symptomatic enquiry regarding her abdominal pains.   Normal doctor talk. Where her bowels regular? Was it after meals, does it wake up her in the middle of the night?, does it go away when she is on holiday?, et cetera.

I then moved on to the really interesting questions, do you remember when it began?

I give her space and time to formulate a reply.

“I’ve never told anyone this before, however it started on the killing fields of Cambodia.  My father was professional, a doctor and so we and other members of the middle classes were targeted by the regime and one night we were all rounded up in our village with any possessions we could carry, and told to get out.


The soldiers were laughing, and said that if I walked to the right there are other still soldiers there who would probably shoot us, and if we took the path to the left it was strewn with landmines”.

The group decided to take its chances with the left-hand path to get to the next village for refuge, which apparently was covered in landmines.

She continued in her calm demeanor, and with tone of voice that I have learnt to associate people who have suffered deeply but have learnt to accept it.  She recounted events in measured tones, calmly. “I was seven years old and tired however we had to walk day and night along this path to get to the next village. Suddenly, there would be be a loud noise and landlines would blow up people around me.  We would scream and run. I remember clearly that I saw spirits.  Of course I didn’t call them that at the time, I just noticed that after people had been blown up they would still somehow be there.  In fact, the world of the dead appeared to be more real to me than the world  of living. These dead people appeared to be more vibrant and alive.  I think my pain started around this time…”

She then said, “That’s strange, I’ve never told anyone this story before.”.

I asked her to lie on my couch and I put my hands on her abdomen to examine it.

She informed me the pain had gone and later consult revealed it had not returned.

John: The next example is a 58-year-old man called John who came to my office at a time I was at my most exhausted, 530pm on a Friday night after a difficult week. He had the bearing in energy of exactly the type of person I really find challenging.  I struggled to suppress my defensiveness.

He said, “I’ve been to many other doctors about my headache, had many CAT scans MRIs, seen neurologists but they didn’t find anything and couldn’t do anything to anything to help me. This headache, I can’t even concentrate on my work or sleep properly, and it’s constant”.

“How long have you had this and how does it start?”. An obvious question. He answered quickly as he had obviously been asked this before and knew the association only too well.

“It started the day after my daughter was killed in a car crash, and it’s never gone away, not once”.

I told him I’d like to examine his head and walked up behind him putting my hand on his forehead and the back of his head. After five seconds I took my hands away, he looked at me in surprise and said,

“ I think my headache has gone.  That’s the first time in two years. “I told him I believed it would not return and to come back and see me if it did.


We know that we have an electromagnetic field radiating out from their bodies and my belief is that these light waves interact with the patient.. like overlapping ripples in a pond  when two pebbles are dropped in.  However in a more 3-D, sophisticated way. In the past five years it’s been discovered that our bodies’ DNA produce photons of light that form this biofield. Of course there is huge information in each photon and because of the nature of light physics when one of the therapist’s waves touches the patient’s waves information is not only available from that small point, but from the whole of the light wave. With the overlapping interaction of light waves, huge quantities of information can be available, to either party. However the important thing is to know how to access and interpret this information … in the quantum world, tiny changes in energy lead to huge change

Postulated Theories:

In the first the Cambodian patient was able to share a traumatic childhood story and this was undoubtedly cathartic for her. In the second healing took place In that a headache vanished for the first time in two years.

Both examples I believe that the most essential tools was the conscious use of therapist’s (my) energy field to interact with that of the patient.

To do this, the therapist needs to be hyper focused in the diffuse way.  (To explain this further, it can be understood by the technique of “two – pointing”. To be described later. )

Step-by-Step through these Consultations:

Both patients: First establish the doctor patient relationship in a way that the patient accepts. the purpose of this to establish a relationship and  trust.

Interfacing energy fields:

This ‘talking time’ is used

  • Obviously in information gathering details regarding symptoms and other elements of good doctor -patient relationship.
  • Also In interfacing with her biofield, described above, the process on ‘medical intuition ‘begins…  this is the “consciousness information gathering” please.


 Distributive Consciousness:

If the therapist focuses on one single facet of the patient then focus is limited to one thing. However things change if consciousness is shifted to more than one point around the patient.  As an example, if we focus on 2 points, then there are an infinite number of points on the line between those two points’ therefore infinite possibilities of information become available.

This immediately increases perceptions and intuitive abilities. This also leads to a vision of … wholeness


Cambodian Nu:

One fact I believe was essential in Nu feeling able to share her childhood story for the first time in 40 years, was the relationship of therapist -me-to her energy field.

Sensing ‘a note out of tune’ as she was talking about the fact that the pain ‘had always been there’, I senses an energy drop. This was like the spike on an EEG, quick and subtle, but nevertheless noticeable to me as a “felt sense”. Focusing on that exact energy dip, I probed further. I didn’t do this by talking, as in standard therapy, but in allowing my consciousness to settle in that moment. Extreme presence and allowing a safe space.

Asking her to then lie on the couch ‘to examine her abdomen’ was an excuse for closer interpretation of the energy field as well as to allow for any healing that could take place (that had not already happened). Again, therapist energy interfacing with that of patient, small changes in energy, through resonance or other means, will cause change in the state of the patient’s organism.

John: note I was tired, normal ego defenses down, in a state more likely to surrender to my natural, human capacity for compassion and empathy, and to act on it.  As I said, tired at the end of the week, I not only dropped my ego defensiveness and resistance to him however also dropped any professional boundaries I may have regarding merging my consciousness too much with a patient and their illness. My compassion also transcended my preconceptions about his personality.

When I heard the story my heart opened and is on able to connect completely to my own compassion.

The biofield of the heart organ is huge, with many times more magnetic energy than the brain. I postulate that this field interacted with the patient’s, again, huge change and impact being possible when the compatible waves form resonances with the patient’s biofield.