Dr Jamieson works to connect with all her patients to help them improve their quality of life, not just to cure specific ailments.

These are some testimonials from people who have benefited from her work:

Alexa Lam

Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Policy, China and Investment Products
Securities and Futures Commission

“Dear Dr Jamieson,

I wanted you to know that you are head and shoulders above all other doctors that I have known in Hong Kong. While others here generally spend little to no time talking to their patients to really understand their situation and thus be in a position to make an accurate, holistic diagnosis, you always ask me how I am generally every time I come in with an illness. You explain my ailment to me in terms I understand. Even more so, I really appreciate your offering me ideas on natural therapies, and how to stay healthy and happy.

I would vote you the best family doctor in Hong Kong. And thank you for taking care of me and my family members.

Best wishes for a good summer,”




Anne Tang

“I have been a client at Dr. Susan Jamieson’s Holistic Medical Practice for many years.  I’ve been very pleased with Dr. Jamieson’s treatments for (peri-) menopause and especially liked her bedside manner.  She’s very reassuring and truly concerned, not rushed like most other doctors in Central.”

Cheryl Preston

“I commend you on all that you have achieved in your practice in Hong Kong.  You are an inspirational leader in the path towards integrating the left and right brain’s manner of thinking in regards to medical treatment and healing.”


Dr. Jamieson is a genius. After relocating to Hong Kong I hit a wall. I was completely overwhelmed and could not find the energy or motivation to do all that is required to get a business up and running and settle in. I became very depressed, had no energy and found it nearly impossible to leave my home. Dr. Jamieson ran tests and found physical causes and imbalances which were contributing to and or causing my uncharacteristic state of health. After only a fortnight, and with great encouragement from her, the clouds have lifted. I am feeling myself again and ready to strike out and take the world by storm. I am so grateful to have found a wonderful, caring practitioner. Dr. Jamieson brings a gift to the medical profession by embracing her patients as a whole and treating the body, mind and spirit. Thank you Dr. Jamieson for bringing me back to myself.

Brendt Scott

Chinese Medicine Doctor and Acupuncturist

The workshop was very inspirational, it’s amazing that we can blend our experience is of working with energy with the scientific background. The two together make for a very intriguing workshop. It’s something we can use in our everyday life: use in our relationships; use to improve or connecting with the planet and with other people.


In her talks and workshops, Dr. Jamieson has the ability to ‘induct’ participants into accessing an altered state of consciousness. Dr. Sue refers to this as ‘connecting to the light’.

These are some testimonials recorded after one of Dr. Jamieson’s recent workshops:

Velda Kwan,

Business Owner, Hong Kong

I’ve learnt a lot. What I really got was Susan’s energy – so peaceful, smooth, and uplifting to be around that energy. I really got a lot.

Richard Wickes,

Kung Fu Master and Expert in Qi Fields, Inventor of ‘Tai Chi Touch’

This was a really interesting lecture. Fascinating that we’re like a light between Heaven and Earth. She has a wonderful way with words and very clearly communicates her relaxation so that we all get a feeling of wellbeing. I found the exercises simple and easy to do. Finally, after the Light meditation I felt ‘on a high’ – really good!