In cooperation with the local government of Chengdu, Dr Jamieson presented three trauma relief workshops.

Three years after the Earthquake, local people who had watched their children being crushed under collapsed schools, had had no outlet for their grief and anger, to the extent that women were suffering from unexplained infertility.

The epicentre of the earthquake was  3 hours drive from Chengdu, and the beautiful  holistic Magnolia Retreat centre hosted this venture.  The workshops were part of  the Florasics Holo-Health World Conference 2011.  A fourth workshop was presented by Dr Jamieson’s associate Claire McLetchie.

The Conference was  held in the beautiful Magnolia Retreat at the  Beichuan Medicine King Resort, Sichuan, China from Monday 14th March -> Friday 18th March 2011

Our sense of smell is the gift to come to us when we are born. As one of our senses, the healing potential of the power of smell is undervalued. Since ancient times, essential oils made from plants have been known to have special healing affects. These workshops are tailor made around the essence of Magnolia.

As a doctor, bridging science and ancient healing techniques, Dr. Jamieson specialises in combinations which balance, relax and heal both mind and body by using movement, scent, art and writing. Together, the body and emotions can be rebalanced to a state of ‘original innocence’  – a time when there were no traumas or worries.

Workshop 1

The True Potential of The Magnolia – Break through Frustrations and Worry

Discussion on the healing aspect of Magnolia, through movement exercise under Magnolia trees, to connect with nature.

Freestyle Movement in Nature Participation (with background music). Release worries and frustrations through movement.

Workshop 2

Connect To Your Inner Essence and Blossom Out

Comparisons of the growing and blossoming of beautiful Magnolia flowers and how this relates to our life. We will do this through our group singing and writing about the feelings and experiences we receive when connecting to the essence of the Magnolia.

Workshop 3

Connect To The Heart Colour Through Magnolia

Creativity is explored and encouraged as we connect to the essence of the Magnolia flower through art and colour.

Workshop 4

The Gift of The Essence of Magnolia

(this workshop is led by Claire McLetchie)
The healing essence of Magnolia aids with stabilisation of the mind and body and protection in general. This workshop explores how we can use these attributes to help in every day life.

The workshop includes guided closed eye meditation to aid in accessing one’s own true nature.

Claire will also provide examples of how to protect ones self and communicate in a loving and respectful manner by connecting to the essence of the Magnolia.