Tools For Wellbeing, Joy and Abundance

Join Dr Susan Jamieson, known as ‘The LightDoctor’, in this fun and interactive workshop…

Akhenaten, the 18th dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, explained the whole Universe on the basis of a single principle – light. He and Nefertiti instigated the first religion to worship just one God, which was The Light. The best-known scientist who was able to come along and make light an absolute reference point was Einstein, who was fascinated by light…

In the “Enlightenment – An Experiential Guide” workshop, Dr Sue will share her findings on why we are beings of light in terms of science and physiology, leading to an understanding of the principle of oneness and interconnectedness of all things, through light, electromagnetic energy.

Dr Sue will explain her cutting-edge knowledge of light:

  • Explaining how our DNA both radiates and is affected by LIGHT.
  • Learn how we live in the color facet of Light: we wear, eat and see color.
  • Insight into the workings of our heart, biologically and energetically, radiating a ‘biofield’ of LIGHT, many times stronger than that of the brain.
  • Information on the LIGHT emanating from the Earth and Sun, the magnetosphere and solar flares

Dr Jamieson differs from other speakers in that she has the ability to induct the Light in attendees, connecting and leading to a very experiential workshop.

You will learn how to EXPERIENCE The LIGHT With Dr Sue as she teaches you:

  • How to connect to these different energy sources-to have more energy.
  • How we use colors.
  • Learn to access the love and wisdom of your heart.
  • Experience Joy and Peace in your life

Dr Sue is an award winning doctor and the author of the cutting edge book, Medical to Mystical, Bring Light Into Your Life, by Findhorn Press. She is an experienced physician based in Hong Kong and combines her scientific training with 20 years experience of Eastern philosophies and healing systems, whilst embracing her mysticism.