Connect to your Joy and Abundance – The Light of your Heart

Workshop of 3 hours :

Dr Susan Jamieson will share the latest scientific discoveries and then lead an experiential session on connecting to the light and love of our beings. This starts the New Year focused on your heart, which has been found to radiate light all round our bodies. Learn to connect to the love and light of your heart.

All our energy on earth comes from the light energy of the sun – from providing us with warmth to our fuel in the form of food (through the process of photosynthesis). We’ll talk about this health giving energy including the effect of colour and health properties of different forms of food. This has become known as ‘The Rainbow Diet’.

After this sharing, we’ll then practice exercises in connecting to our essential joy and abundance through tapping into these very real forces – in a both a meditative way, and through simple fun movements, in the traditions of our ancestors. Also it’s Joyful and relaxing!

No special clothing required – comfortable.

Light Connection

A leader in the mind body-spirit field, Dr Jamieson’s passion lies in uncovering cutting-edge science then describing this in simple terms. Recently we’ve discovered that our DNA, at the very core of our being, radiate thousands of light photons transmitting information all our body. Our hearts are little lighthouses emitting 5000 times more magnetic energy than the brain! Learn how to connect the these power sources, for energy, health and happiness.

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