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Colour is part of the light spectrum, the enzymes in our body are controlled by colour signals, and we are naturally attracted to color in food and in our clothes. The Tesla Energy Plates / Discs – as shown through scientific research – will build up you natural energy, so wearing them will increase energy levels and improve your general wellbeing.

Our cells and DNA radiate light. When we say “someone has great energy”, this is what we are really noticing. The light field radiated around our bodies is called the biofield, and is colored, however not intense enough for the naked eye to pick up.

Our speech has always has phrases reflecting this, such as ‘red with anger’; ‘yellow with cowardice; ‘a black mood’, etc.

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The Science of Tesla Discs/Plates


About Tesla Plates and Discs

Having Energy With The Tesla Plate

Tesla Products help you to regenerate from Electromagnetic Pollution, energize your food and beverages, and bring harmony to your living space.

Your energy levels will improve, and one purchase will last a lifetime! These EMF Protection products offer support for electrosensitivity and electrostress, and help defend you from cell phones and other sources of electropollution.

Genuine Swiss Tesla Plates and Discs enhance the energy field and vibrational state of living organisms. They actually enhance this light ‘buffer’ around us. Tesla Plates and Discs can raise the vibrational state of energy of the human body, as measurements with radionic devices indicate.

The plates are made of aluminum. The spin of the atoms and electrons of the aluminum is thus changed in such a way, that the Tesla Plates and Discs are said to vibrate in resonance with the fundamental energy (Chi, Prana, Orgon etc.) of the universe. The plates as we know them were originally developed by Ralph Bergstresser after a patent and from the knowledge / information and ideas of Nikola Tesla, with whom he worked for a certain time. The field of the Tesla Plates and Discs is changed and interacts with Tachyons. The surface of the Tesla Plates and Discs has a crystal-structure.

Their chemical composition is the same as that of rubies and sapphires. We know that rubies give energy and thus were called “life-stones” in the Middle-Ages.

Tesla Colour Discs – Small

Colors are a frequency of light. Our enzyme system in our bodies are triggered by light signals, and it’s been proven that some are more sensitive to one color over another by factors of thousands. Therefore we can add color energy into the energy of these protective products.

These are for wearing on a daily basis – helps neutralize the effects of wifi, computers, mobiles, etc.
2.7cm / 1.06 ” and ø 3.6cm / 1.41″ in 7 colours, that  you can carry along, easily.You can wear them on a necklace, in your wallet, trouser r jacket pocket, your purse, in a bag, in your shoes… for women, the Bra is best, as it’s so near the heart energy!
Many people choose to change the cool every few weeks, as our moods and life circumstances or challenges change. However it’s also fine to use the same one.

They can be used for Feng Shui, to ‘activate ‘ an area, that is bring more energy into a corner, or in a plant pot.

Tesla color discs2.7 cm
$19.99 USD each, or set of seven for $96.00 USD

Colours available include: purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red

Small Purple Tesla Disc:

Small Indigo Tesla Disc: (Out of stock)

Small Blue Tesla Disc: (Out of stock)

Small Green Tesla Disc:

Small Yellow Tesla Disc:

Small Orange Tesla Disc:

Small Red Tesla Disc: (Out of stock)



Tesla Yellow Plate: Alertness, Optimism, Creativity

Tesla Gold PlateThe Tesla Yellow Plate matches the Purple plate in size and use, but has a slightly different focus. The Yellow Plate is associated with Manipura = the solar plexus chakra, and is more oriented towards development. Golden yellow is colour of the sun (astrological sign Leo), so it is a very old colour symbol. In Hinduism it means light, life and immortality; in Buddhism the striving for enlightenment.

The colour yellow with its higher counterpart gold has a very high vibrational frequency. Its beam has a very high rate of light. The energetic quality of its colour corresponds very much to the now developing cosmic human being, with her golden aura and awakened pure consciousness. This Tesla Plate in golden yellow manifests a harmonizing and agreeable energy.

8.5 x 5.5 cm (credit card size)
3.34 x 2.16″
$41 USD

Meaning of the Chakra Colours

chakrasTesla Plate or Disc in VIOLET/PURPLE ( Out of Stock)

Purple is known to be the colour of nobility and royalty and is associated with connectivity with our higher selves, divinity, spiritual guidance and God.
Emotional: loss of interest/disconnection in life, lack of faith and trust, connection to a higher source or divinity
Physical: muscular and skeletal systems, depression, chronic fatigue, extreme allergies.*

Tesla Plate or Disc in INDIGO ( Out of Stock)

Indigo is associated with the third eye, and is located directly in fron of the pituitary gland. It is related to intuition, an ability to see the ‘big  picture’, imagination, balance and harmony.
Emotional: poor self-image, over-thinking, not learning from past experience, intuition, far-sightedness.
Physical: sinus, deafness and blindness, neurological disorders, growth, harmonizing right/left brain.*

8.5 x 5.5 cm (credit card size)
3.34 x 2.16″

Tesla Plate or Disc in BLUE

Blue is associated with the throat and our powers of communication.
Emotional: ‘Singing the song of the self’, speaking one’s truth, worries about judgement / criticism, making decisions. Communication.
Physical: sore throats, mouth/ulcer prelims, thyroid.*

8.5 x 5.5 cm (credit card size)
3.34 x 2.16″
$41 USD

Plate or Disc in GREEN

Green is the colour of the heart chakra, and relate to being in harmony with nature as well as having compassion and love for ourselves as well as others.
Emotional: Love, trust, forgiveness, anger, grief.
Physical: Heart problems, chest infections, asthma, upper back and shoulder pains.*

8.5 x 5.5 cm (credit card size)
3.34 x 2.16″
$41 USD

Tesla Plate or Disc in YELLOW

Yellow is associated with the solar plexus and with the expression of the self, generosity, optimism and personal power.
Emotional: Sense of ‘self’ and self-esteem, burdened by responsibility, trust. Mental attributes, confidence.
Physical: Stomach acidity, ulcers, liver, intestinal problems.*

8.5 x 5.5 cm (credit card size)
3.34 x 2.16″
$41 USD

Tesla Plate or Disc in ORANGE

Orange is connected to all our relationships in life whether friends, work colleagues or lovers. Yellow is the colour of creativity and sexuality.
Emotional: creativity, inability in expressing this part of our nature. Manifesting one’s life and all relationships. Dance, singing, acting, Sex and sensuality. Control.
Physical: Gynecological, prostrate, urinary problems. Low back pain.*

8.5 x 5.5 cm (credit card size)
3.34 x 2.16″
$41 USD

Tesla Plate or Disc in RED (Out Of Stock) 

Red, the colour of blood is related to our basic needs and survival instincts.
Emotional: Security, feeling ungrounded after death or divorce, worry about money. Fear of not having a community, or ‘tribe’.
Physical: associations with long standing low back pain, depression, disorders of bone and bone marrow.*

8.5 x 5.5 cm (credit card size)
3.34 x 2.16″



Can the Effect of Tesla Plates be Proven?

As beings of energy, it’s long been proven that our DNA and cells radiate energy, which can be measured.

Special instruments are used to detect this radiation, and therefore test the plate/discs effects. One is a Biopulsar – Reflexograph®, or with Quantec (instrumental biocommunication).

tesla plate.1This is a special photo of the energy radiation round a client’s head.

There’s a reading of about 20 – 25 (on scale of 0 – 100).


tesla head.2With a person carrying a Tesla Plate, the reading will slowly be raised to 90 – 95. The radiation is visibly larger: in other words – we   are more energized.


How are Tesla Plates manufactured?

Tesla plate.2The plates are made of aluminum. What’s special is that the spin of the atoms and electrons in the metal has changed in such a way, that the Tesla Plates vibrate in resonance with the fundamental energy (Chi, Prana, Orgon etc.) of Nature. These plates were originally developed by Ralph Bergstresser after a patent and from the knowledge / information and ideas of Nikola Tesla, with whom he worked for a certain time.

Interestingly, the surface of the Tesla Plates has a crystal-structure, and the chemical composition is the same as that of rubies and sapphires. We know that rubies give energy and thus were called “life-stones” in the Middle-Ages.


The Origin of the Tesla Plates – Feeling in Harmony with Nature

Tesla plate.3The famous scientist Nikola Tesla himself used similar plates in several patents and called them ‘antennas for free energy’. They are said to transfer information from the “Schumann-Field”  (natural core frequency of the Earth) to the human energy radiation, or ‘aura’. So the human (or any living) organism can bring itself back into an equilibrium on several levels and increase his vibrational frequency. The Tesla Plates are said not only to work as antennas but also as transmitters. Their field penetrates every material with positive energy.

The “Schumann-Field” is the natural magnetic field between the Ionosphere and Earth’s surface. Dr. Schumann was a physicist from Munich, who detected the biological effectiveness of this field. Every living organism on earth needs these stimuli.

When our connection is disrupted by, for example cell phone radiation, wi-fi, computer radiation, we don’t feel so good, and looses energy. We can of course rebalance this by spending time in nature, however better to protect oneself!

Shielding from this natural field occurs very often in cars and ferro-concrete buildings.

Tesla called the Schumann field an energetic matrix for the life on Earth; a magnetic field and information storage at the same time. Remember, we too use magnetic fields for storage in audio- and videotapes, computer discs etc.


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