Aimed at doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health practitioners, dentists, counsellors and researchers in the field of practitioner health the 10 Year Anniversary Conference of the NHS

Practitioner Health Programme will bring together the academic, clinical and experiential aspects of physician and practitioner health with a particular focus on mental health.


Thursday 4 October 2018 — Friday 5 October 2018
30 Euston Square, London



Sir Simon Wessely President of The Royal Society of Medicine will join Professor Clare Gerada MBE Medical Director at NHS PHP to chair the first day the following speakers are confirmed:

  • International Keynote Session: Mr Henry Marsh, Retired Neurosurgeon and Author ‘Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery’
  • International Keynote Session: Why are Doctors in Distress? Dr Abigail Zuger, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, and Senior Attending Physician, Mount Sinai Roosevelt and Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospitals, New York City
  • Keynote Closing Address: Adam Kay, Writer, Comedian, Former Junior Doctor and Author ‘This is Going to Hurt’
  • The emotional impact of care: Professor Jill Maben OBE, Professor in Nursing, University of Surrey
  • Burnout Proof LIVE Workshop: Dr Dike Drummond, CEO and Founder Mayo, trained family doctor, professional coach, author, speaker and trainer
  • Changing Practice to support sick Doctors: what have we learnt? Dr Ide Delargy, Clinical Lead, Practitioner Health Matters Programme, Dublin
  • Keynote: A father’s experience: Dr Robin Warshafsky 
  • Keynote: Preventing Physician Suicide: Prof Michael Myers, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Immediate Past Vice-Chair of Education & Director of Training, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, SUNY-Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, and Author, Why Physicians Die By Suicide: Lessons Learned From Their Families and Others Who Cared

Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in drop in question time and experiential learning and group work. We will leave time for networking at the evening drinks receptions. There will be a chance to speak to practitioner support groups and access resources to help you consider your own, and colleagues health and wellbeing needs and how these can be met.

Dr. Jamieson is on day 2.

Quantum light theory in our bodies-remaining whole and intuiting more.

 The methodology of interpreting and interfacing with the light fields of doctor and patient.

We’ll discuss theory, tools, methods, focussing on recent scientific discoveries such as DNA emitting photons of light, enzymes controlled by light signals, and the heart the centre of the body’s magnetic radiation.

My premise is that without connection to the light field energy of their own hearts ( primarily compassion ) a physician will be pulled out of their centre and inevitably wounded.

Health and consciousness have become separated in our current healthcare system. A doctor of 30 years practicing experience, I describe how to utilize a particular state of consciousness in the healing arena. This is a process whereby the doctor can not only facilitate the biomechanical healing of the body, but can also be the midwife into change on the emotional- spiritual level, in former ages, physicians recognized that true wholeness and healing could only be reached through embracing our own wholeness and knowledge of the innate interconnectedness of all things. 

We’ll focus in the area of ‘intuition’ in consultation : we’re inherently attuned to a quantum process and interact with these surrounding energies unconsciously on a daily basis. We need to understand and consciously work with this science as much as we do with physiology and anatomy.

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