The Kidney: Stress-Trust – Dr. Susan Jamieson, Light Doctor

Above the kidneys are the adrenal glands, which are responsible for our stress response. Dr Sue teaches you exercises to help eliminate this response from your body. As Chinese medicine practitioners say,
“if we harbor fear in our kidneys it will lead to disease.”

Introduction – Dr. Susan Jamieson, Light Doctor

Dr Jamieson introduces her techniques


Helping Haiti

Dr Jamieson requests your assistance to help those in need.


Breathe Light to Relax and Rebalance

Dr Jamieson explains how to use the breath for calmness and to de-stress:

TEDx HongKong

In August 2010 Dr Jamieson was a speaker at the Hong Kong TEDx, where she presented a talk on TEDx talk on a new paradigm in human thinking – in knowing ourselves as beings of light.

Beyond 50 Radio Show: Interview with Dr Susan Jamieson

9 July 2010

Highlights of the interview in a beautiful visual presentation.

Listen to the full interview (50 minutes)

An Evening with Dr Susan Jamieson at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

27 January 2010

Please enjoy a look at some highlights of the workshop (3 videos):

  • Light of the Heart exercise
  • Energy of the earth/Qi gong
  • Feedback from participants

Join Us For An evening with Dr Susan Jamieson at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

2009 Man Hong Kong Literary Festival

An interview with Dr Susan Jamieson.