Medical to Mystical: Bring Light Into Your Life

by Dr Susan Jamieson, MD

Published by Findhorn Press

“This is an excellent, well-illustrated introduction to the concept of humans as beings of light, and the overlapping of cutting-edge scientific constructs with those of ancient mysticism. This is explained simply and clearly by the author who comfortably combines this alternative view of healing with her conventional medical training. Her added authority as a medical doctor may be more readily acceptable to skeptics and will certainly be reassuring for those curious enough to begin exploring the implications of our bodies as formed from light and electromagnetic energy. “Dr Sue” explains the importance of colour, chakras and meridians, again clearly for newcomers to energy medicine and also describes Qigong exercises for keeping our energy pathways healthy. She gives examples of how blocks and imbalances in this system are linked to physical and mental health problems and what to do about it. Ah, if only all medical doctors could integrate these wider perceptions of reality into their world review…”

Medical to Mystical book cover

Medical to Mystical: Bring Light Into Your Life can be purchased through this website, via PayPal or credit card. The book will be shipped within 5 working days.

Dr Jamieson’s book is also available in Hong Kong bookstores, and at  Dr. Susan Jamieson Integrative Medical Practice with a different cover.