Health and spirituality have become separated in our current healthcare system. A physician with 25 years practicing experience, I describe how to utilize a particular state of consciousness in the healing arena. This is a process whereby the doctor can not only facilitate the bio mechanical healing of the body, but can also be the midwife into change on the emotional- spiritual level, i.e., facilitating the healing of the whole person.

I describe the methodology I have developed that combines cutting-edge science with ancient healing modalities, as well as the techniques that specifically aid one’s abilities to interpret/interface with subtle energies, which I believe to be light. I explain our body’s biology in scientific terms of light, whose photons intermingle with each other as well as the natural world – a subtle web that connects us in oneness. We’re inherently attuned to a quantum process and interpret/interface with the light unconsciously on a daily basis.

I also explore the biology, neurology and physiology of light in the body – the DNA release light, and enzyme systems are orchestrated by light fields resonating in the body’s cellular structure. This is a backdrop to understanding the interconnectedness of our light bodies, the Earth and the Sun in a holographic way, and the resonance that can develop between living beings.

This is possibly the realm of ‘spontaneous remissions’, and of intuitive diagnosis, with information gleaned from both therapist interviews and personal experience. The tools used in this process include:

Presence – timelessness, no space for perceptions and judgment.

Moving one’s consciousness from limited to infinite possibilities – singularity to plurality.

Changing perspective: observation changes everything.

Therefore seeing a person’s core essence.

Coherence of heart waves acting in synchrony with both brain hemispheres. The right brain is abstract, non-linear, free of the need to organize into spatial dimensions and make logical sense, accessing all realms simultaneously.

Intent is dropping another pebble into the sea of consciousness that will create new ripples in the complex interference light pattern formed between two people. A subtle change can collapse the wave form of an illness into infinite possibility, recon-figuring it to a new whole form.

Vision of wholeness in consciousness, of wholeness/wellness. This is a complex interference (hologram) formed by the two energies. Similar to tuning forks, resonance can occur.