SAC 34th Annual Conference



2126 S.W. Halsey St.
Troutdale, OR 97060

March 27-30th, 2014

Dr. Jamieson’s paper:

 Theory and methodology of using principles of light science with reference to the doctor-patient relationship, to facilitate deeper communication and healing in medicine

    Health and consciousness  have become separated in our current healthcare system. . As physician of 25 years practicing experience of utilizing a particular state of  consciousness  in the healing arena,  I describe the process whereby the doctor can not only facilitate the biomechanical healing of the body but be the midwife into change on the emotional-spiritual level, ie healing of the whole person.  More, by using this conscious state, there is an increased ability in both diagnosis and treatment.

 This theory is grounded in the scientific belief that we are truly beings of light,whose photons intermingle with those of each other as well as the natural world Accessing the light field of the heart  is the key to connecting to a specific conscious state, of alternate reality. I would postulate that the reality which is then accessed this is the patient’s core essence.