Undoubtedly, we have lost our connection to ‘The Light’. By this I mean the light at the core of our being: that of our DNA, and our heart; the primordial flame; and the light of the Earth. Our ancestors had this connection, using a combination of ritual, worship and myth.

Upcoming Workshop on The Lost Light

Sunday, February 17, 2012 in London


This is a journey though ancient philosophies and spiritualities that were better acquainted with the reality of Light than we are today Here, I’m talking about the light of our beings; our eternal soul; secrets of life and death and why we are here – mysteries that we humans have sought to explain for millennia.

Our ancestors shared the realization that our sustenance was deeply connected to the welfare of the Earth, and therefore a deep mutual respect was necessary. These were very much Earth –based societies, with ceremony and ritual revolving round the seasons.

Modern science is finally catching up with the ancient world of Light. Thanks to cutting edge science, we now know that DNA, our blueprint, radiate thousands of photons per second through our bodies and out into the environment. The heart emanates many times (5000X) more light than the brain, in a special ‘Taurus’ shape. As some physicists put it ‘Like a super black hole”. Scientists are only recently attempted to grasp this, in terms of “String theory”, with its multiple dimensions; or “Holographic theory”.

There’s documented evidence, on a global basic, of rituals, 1-2— BC, often called, ‘Mysteries’, which sought to induct selected individuals into a higher awareness of the elusive reality of light. Experiences after these Greek Elysian mysteries, are described by Plato:

“the Initiate got access to the most fabulous world where they held a beautiful vision of pure shining light, and felt himself to be born of the same light. After this, the fear of death was lost”

This ancient work was about both living in harmony with and mediating with the forces of nature that impacted on human existence. More than that.- about accessing one’s inner light, harnessing it to be all that we can be in this world – beings of unlimited potential.