As a physician of many years , the main thing that causes my excitement barometer to rise is what cutting edge science has to say about the nature of our bodies.

The ‘New Frontier’ of modern medicine has to be Light. Energy is so important to us, and we all know the feeling of waning at the end of the day, or with a draining friend. Ever feel like you’re a fading light? Energy not only gives us our get up and go, but is the mover and shaker in each cell.

That’s because light energy is involved in the nuts and bolts of cellular metabolism, as well as light signals acting as messengers, which control our enzyme reactions.

Very exciting recent light energy work has shown that in the heart of our cells, DNA, actually radiate Light. Energy in the form of thousands of photons – tiny packets of the smallest units of light – shines through our tissues into the environment. These tiny packets of energy are bidirectional, carrying information both from, and back to the DNA.

We are familiar with the concept of energy being carried on a magnetic strip of credit card, or on a beam of light projecting onto a movie screen. Imagine if these packets of light energy from DNA gave off information about us, for instance that we’re tired, unhealthy, feel anxious, or we’re angry. Also, this light gathers information about our environment to take it home: ‘this street’s dangerous’; ‘she’s trustworthy’; ‘this pollution is bad for me’.

Color energy is equally important, as color is a frequency of the light. It’s a long time since Einstein won his Nobel Prize in 1921 for the ‘Photoelectric Theory’, which proved that different colours have different energy levels. Moving on, other researchers proved that some enzymes are more sensitive to one color than another by a factor of many thousands.

It’s great when branches of science such as biology and physics begin to make more sense as they point in the same direction. Physicists are in agreement that we are made up of tiny photons of light, fluctuating in and out of existence. Of course we don’t see this, as we don’t have the eyes of a hawk. It’s like watching a TV screen, when we focus on the larger image, not realizing that this is made out of tiny pixels of light energy.

The bottom line is, knowing all this information is great, but how can we use it to be healthier and happier? As a doctor, I’m pragmatic. I believe modern science, with its diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and therapies, are marvelous. Life expectancy, has, after all, increased from 55 to 75 in the past 70 years. What more can we do? Well, the answer lies in the light energy work. Going back to the nuts and bolts of our reality – light-and working with it. My books, DVD and blog are packed full of exercises to help you absorb, hold, and share the light. In doing so you will access your internal resources, to be all that you can be.