Dr Susan Jamieson

Healing energy in the Physician – Patient relationship

     Health and consciousness have become separated in our current healthcare system, however I believe the physician-patient relationship is an excellent example of entanglement. As a physician of many years conducting research as well as 25 years personal experience, I have been combining cutting edge science with ancient healing modalities and techniques that specifically aids my ability to interpret/interface with subtle energies, which I believe to be light. I explain our body’s biology in terms of light, whose photons intermingle with those of each other as well as the natural world – so we’re attuned to a quantum process!

     I’m talking about the realm of ‘spontaneous remissions’, and intuitive diagnosis, sharing information gleaned form interviews and personal experience. Patients feeling instantly better has to be more than ‘positive thinking’, and it’s generally accepted that the therapeutic relationship is more than biochemical.

     In facilitating connection to what I believe to be the patient’s core essence.

Postulated tools :

Presence (timelessness, no space for perceptions and judgment.)

Moving one’s consciousness from limited to infinite possibilities. Singularity to plurality;
Changing perspective :observation changes everything-
Therefore seeing a person’s core essence;
Coherence of heart waves acting in synchrony with both brain hemispheres. The right bran is abstract, non-linear, free of the need to organize into spatial dimensions and make sense, accessing all realms simultaneously;
Intent is dropping another pebble that will create new ripples in the complex interference light pattern formed between 2 people. A subtle change can collapse the wave form of an illness into infinite possibility, reconfiguring it to a mow whole form;
Vision of wholeness in consciousness, of wholeness/wellness. This is a complex interference (hologram) formed by the two energies. Resonance can occur, in the same way that when using tuning forks, the lower frequency will align to the higher.