Would you like to find and maintain greater vitality, balance and harmony in your life? Do you want to feel more energetic and more alive whilst enjoying the benefits of the technological brilliance all around?

In 2011 WHO quoted a study which looked at cell phone usage up to the year 2004, showing a 40% higher risk of ‘glioma’ brain cancer among very heavy users – people who had been using the phones for at least 30 minutes per day for ten years.

I have found that this simple device, placed inside the mobile phone, significantly reduces the electromagnetic effect of the phone on the body.” — Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS PhD MRCP – Harley Street, London

Variously described as electrostress, or EM radiation pollution, patients’ symptoms of cell phone radiation damage can be difficult to recognize because of their vague nature, such as tiredness, dizziness, lack of concentration or memory problems.


The benefits of a healthy energy field:

    • improved physical performance
    • greater concentration
    • better sleep
    • more energy
    • fewer headaches
    • relief from tension

phi energyDOTS

energyDOTs are 17mm magnetic discs programmed with naturally inspired frequencies. They’re supercharged with subtle energy to help balance and strengthen your biofield. They’re also designed to relieve the negative effects of exposure to the electronic technologies we use in the Wi-Fi world.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are all around us. Today’s electronic equipment which helps us can also harm us by emitting artificial electromagnetic frequencies. These emissions are subtle, silent and invisible. They flow through us and interfere with the essential electrical communication between cells in our bodies. Daily exposure can have an adverse effect on health.

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Good vibrations

phi frequencies are natural and coherent. energyDOTs hold and emit a subtle energy signature to organise and harmonise our biofield and the man-made electromagnetic radiation which surrounds us. Scientific research continues to demonstrate these effects and the benefits they bring.

Different DOTs have different roles. Wear a bioDOT under your watch, stick an electroDOT on your electronic equipment, or put an aquaDOT on your water filter or any liquid container, a wi-fiDOT on your wireless router and a spaceDOT in your room or office.

Thermal effect

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Wireless routers and mobile phone base stations are powerful transmitters of radio frequency information which can affect your health. The smartDOT is programmed to harmonise these frequencies to be more compatible with the natural environment, reducing the toxic effects. smartDOT can be used in the home, office or any public hotspot location.

Health benefits of using smartDOTs include deeper sleep, reduced stress and an increased sense of overall well-being.
The smartDOT is programmed to harmonise radio frequency radiation (RFRs) emitted by high output transmitting equipment. wi-fiDOTs are simple to use, sticking easily and securely to routers, transmitters and similar equipment, without affecting the functionality of the device.
$58 USD each



bioDOT for personal energyAn optimising DOT you can wear for strengthening and harmonising your energy field. BioDOT is designed to support the body’s unique natural rhythms and promote a strong balanced energy field. bioDOT can be used for adults, children, babies, animals, and pets and even plants!

Many users who wear a bioDOT all the time report greatly improved sleep patterns, better concentration and higher energy levels. If worn whilst playing sport bioDOT users can benefit from increased flexibility, co-ordination and strength.

For personal energy field optimisation, find the best way for you to wear or carry the bioDOT as much as possible – 24/7 if you can manage it. This might be attached to a favourite piece of jewellery or the back of your watch, in your wallet, and so on.

For animals and pets, coping with the strains and stresses of the wi-fi world can be just as much of a challenge – attach a bioDOT to the collar or harness, or be creative and stitch a DOT into their bedding, place a DOT under your bird cage . . .You can even place a bioDOT in the fridge to keep your food in optimal condition, or under the fruit bowl . . . flower vase or pot plants too!

You can choose where to use bioDOT and personalise or customise it by applying the powerful ‘DOT’ exactly where you want it. Just peel off the protective yellow backing paper and fix securely to any clean, dry, non porous surface using the super strong adhesive backing. bioDOT can be washed or worn in the shower.
$58 USD each


spaceDOT energy harmonizingUse spaceDOT to clear, re-energise and balance your space.

Wherever you live or work you are exposed to subtle environmental disturbances. The spaceDOT’s powerful resonant programming interacts with your space to bring harmony, clearing these disturbances and naturalising ambient electro-magnetic frequencies. Revitalising your environment with spaceDOTs has an uplifting and enhancing effect which brings restored clarity and flow.

Simply place a spaceDOT in your home or office to feel the positive change in your environment.
$58 USD each


aquaDOT for revitalized waterA harmonising DOT to restore the natural vitality of water and liquids – the aquaDOT is attuned to the vibration of living water.

Water is essential to all life on our planet. It is very impressionable. Not only does water take on the shape of whatever surrounds it, it also takes on the vibration. In the case of EMFs, distorted electromagnetic information from communications technologies can become imprinted in the water and liquids we use and consume. The aquaDOT is designed to refresh the natural energetic structure of water, removing imprinting from EMFs and other sources, to give your body the best chance to renew itself on a cellular level. Imagine the vibrancy of water straight from a crystal clear spring, carrying the joy of wild water. Now, imagine this same water energising all the functions water has in your life. This is the purpose of aquaDOT.

The first place to use aquaDOT is on your drinking water, either on your water filter, dispenser, bottle or cup which is your everyday source of water.Then think of all the ways you use water, or liquid products that have a high water content – and add an aquaDOT. For example, if you enjoy cut flowers, place an aquaDOT on the vase to retune the water and enjoy the flowers for longer.
$58 USD each


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