Dr Susan Jamieson has been personally invited by the governments of Asian countries to assist in the face of humanitarian disasters, especially in the first week when medical support is critical. 

vaccinating a child

  • Dr Susan Jamieson flew to Tacloban on Sunday 17th November 2013
  • She delivered and administered vaccinations and medications that were collected.
  • Local venture was under the auspices of the Philippines disaster agencies.

To read the full story and day by day account, please visit our blog page.

on miltary jet


I went with colleagues to Tacloban to supervise the allocation and prescription of the medicine and vaccines so far collected. I have experience in disaster areas such as spearheading an emergency relief team in the first week of the Sri Lankan Tsunami, trauma relief in Chengdu, etc.

We remained in touch with Tacloban, at the centre of this terrible Philippine devastation.

The head of national disaster council in Manila – Olive Luces (chief of NDRRMC, National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council Manila) and Buddy Estudillo (head CDRMMC – City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council Tacloban) were supporting this venture.

 They flew us from Manila to Tacloban by military flights, and then from airport to the Town Hall to set up a clinic right in the heart of this disaster city.

This was an ongoing life saving mission as infectious diseases can kill more people than the initial trauma. Wounds, as well as diarrhea and illness, due to lack of sanitation and fresh water were the main risks. Vaccines take 2 weeks to work, and needed to be administered as soon as possible. Volunteers like us could move faster than the large AID agencies.

We thank you for all your donations and support towards the mission.

Yours sincerely,

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