family happinessFamily Happiness is a Hong Kong charity that celebrates the right of children and their families to have quality time and fun together. We focus on large scale events such as Family Fun Days, theatre outings and sports events for children and family members from low income/disadvantaged backgrounds. For our Family Fun Days we take large groups of low income familes to Government run adventure parks, for a carefree day of fun and laughter together. Birthday Happiness is totally dependent on the generosity of donations and volunteers, without your help these events would never happen ! Contact us today if you can help in any way whether it be way of a donation or volunteering, we would love to hear from you !

Dr Jamieson  has always championed work to assist victims of domestic abuse, for which she received an award from ‘Harmony House’,  a Hong Kong charity in 2000. This was for providing free medical advice and treatments where needed to the residents and their children.

In 2004  she responded immediately when the Asian tsunami struck, flying the first week of January, having sourced and personally financed $30,000 worth of vaccines. She then flew from Europe to Sri Lanka to administer these vaccines protecting against water borne illness such as typhoid. Generous patients paid for all the vaccines.