Dr Jamieson began her Asian experience in 1989 when she responded to a call for doctors to work with TB victims among the influx of boat people, or Vietnamese refugees, to Hong Kong, which was then still a British colony.

As her career progressed she expanded her service and charity work and has received many awards of commendation.

Helping Underprivileged Children in Hong Kong

family happinessIn 2007, Dr Jamieson co-founded together with Edward Fernandez, the local Hong Kong Charity, Birthday Happiness. After hearing how this format had been successful in other parts of the world (US, Brazil, Argentina)  in improving self esteem and impacting the school work of underprivileged children, Dr Jamieson had the charity registered, established committee members and initial funding.  She wholeheartedly committed herself to getting the charity off the ground, which she continues to Chair today, guiding both the growth and reach of the charity, which has expanded into a greater community reach by its regular ‘Family Days’ involving hundreds of people, chosen again by their social workers, who are taken on buses to a fabulous Government–run recreation park.


Hong Kong, like any big city, has its share of problems related not only to poverty and overcrowding  but to racial disharmony and lack of understanding of other cultures and races. Daily, we read of the problems that this causes all over the world, not only in the Middle East and Africa but even across the border with Muslim/Uygar issues.
Statistically, it is the lowest income sectors of any society, as well as those from fragmented family structures, often the least educated, who are the least accepting and understanding of intercultural / racial differences. Parties offer a platform for shared cultural exchange: they are run by a multiethnic group. Participating children are drawn from not only the Chinese but Filipino, Indian  and other sectors of Hong Kong society. There is shared cultural exchange as the children interact with each other and with volunteers of different racial backgrounds from all sectors of life (doctors and bankers to housewives).

We mean to impact these children  in their understanding of differing cultures, languages and equal opportunities.

Charity photo Dr Sue









Dr Jamieson introducing a pantomime for  Christian Action and Ethnic minorities in 2012,  Clifford Chance sponsored

Low Income Support – Return to Traditional Chinese Values

Another recent charity activity has been taking busloads of low income families to government run play and adventure parks. Often parents are holding down two jobs each to make ends meet, so the time and money involved in organizing such an event themselves would be beyond them.  Having a whole, care-free fun day together and consequential  family bonding provides a reinforcement of traditional Chinese family values.

Cohesiveness in a society, and the feeling of being part of a stable unit, whether friends, family or religious, has been shown in numerous  medical studies to improve both the mental and physical health of a society.

Domestic Abuse

Recipient of award  (1999) from ‘Harmony House‘  for her services to the victims of domestic abuse (for providing free support and medical treatment to both the victims and their families.

Humanitarian Work

Dr Jamieson after the Sri Lanka tsunami

Dr Jamieson

In 2004  she responded immediately when the Asian tsunami struck, flying the first week of January having sourced and personally financed $30,000 worth of vaccines. She then flew from Europe to Sri Lanka to administer these vaccines protecting against water borne illness such as typhoid. Generous patients paid for all the vaccines.

Through her medical practice, Holistic Central, Dr Jamieson has also supported the charity Christian Action with donations of computer equipment. Christian Action runs Hong Kong’s only drop-in service center for refugees, providing among other things, access to printers, email and the internet.

Szechuan Earthquake

Partnering with officials and hotel owners in Szechuan, she personally organized and ran various trauma relief workshops in the earthquake epicenter. Read more about the work here.

In 2012 Dr Jamieson was nominated  by the American chamber of Commerce for the Ira Dan Kaye Community Award