birthday-happiness-logoShe is a co-founder in 2007 – Setting up and serving as chair for Hong Kong charity ‘Birthday Happiness‘,  after meeting the founder, Edward Fernandzez, on a slow ferry whilst trying to write her first book! On hearing how this format had been successful in other parts of the world, in improving self esteem and even exam results as a consequence, she decided to assist in registering with the Government and finding volunteers. Since then, the charity has provided a birthday party for the underprivileged children of Hong Kong each week. These parties have a role to play in diversity issues, as well as targeting low income families to take hundreds to government sponsored adventure parks. By enabling the family to have a day out together, they reinforce the traditional Chinese values of the cohesive family unit.

Dr Jamieson  has always championed work to assist victims of domestic abuse, for which she received an award from ‘Harmony House’,  a Hong Kong charity in 2000. This was for providing free medical advice and treatments where needed to the residents and their children.

In 2004  she responded immediately when the Asian tsunami struck, flying the first week of January, having sourced and personally financed $30,000 worth of vaccines. She then flew from Europe to Sri Lanka to administer these vaccines protecting against water borne illness such as typhoid. Generous patients paid for all the vaccines.