The Entrepreneurial Innovative Practitioner

Dr Jamieson’s medical practice, Dr. Susan Jamieson Integrative Medical Practice, with 16 practitioners, has since the beginning of the new millennium become the only one in Hong Kong combining Western and complimentary therapies ranging from family practice to kinesiology. Passionate in her search for connection and knowledge, she spends all her free time in further studies!

Well known for the quote, not often heard in Hong Kong, a city of investment bankers,
‘I believe in investing in myself’.

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A natural thirst for and endless pursuit of medical knowledge and developments has resulted in  Dr Jamieson  meeting and working with such renowned experts as Eckhart Tolle and ‘water guru’ Dr Masuru Emoto whose offices she has visited in Japan. Such studies also led her to investigate energy psychology and energy medicine, as well as naturopathy and homeopathy; all of which changed her methods of practice.