Dr Susan Jamieson, MBChB, MRCGP, DRCOG, is known as: ‘The Light Doctor’.

An award-wining Scottish and Harvard educated physician, Dr Jamieson’s specialty is the integration of science and indigenous healing wisdom.

Her mission is: To help people understand the rudiments of the concept of – knowledge of ourselves as beings of light – so they can absorb, hold and share as much of it as is humanly possible in order to be all that they can be in this world, and accordingly achieve their total potential, on all levels: personally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in preparation for the next stage of our evolution.

‘At the basis of the concept of light is one of unity consciousness: at some level, we are all one, interconnected and interdependent,’ she explains.

Her passion is in connecting… connecting ourselves with the Earth, with people and animals, connecting western and indigenous healing modalities, as well as connecting and integrating different area of our psyche though her work.

‘Be whole and all things will come to you’, Lao Tsu

Physician & Academic

Family doctor, inspirational speaker, author, humanitarian worker, with a background of associate professor at the Chinese University, Hong Kong, Reiki master, EMF and EFT practitioner, and CEO of her own medical practice, which she established in the heart of Central, Hong Kong in 1995 – These are just some of Dr Jamieson’s attainments and part of what has led to her “amazing journey to the light” which she now, in turn, dispenses through her drive and commitment to reach out to people all around the globe through a multitude of initiatives.

Dr Jamieson has had 22 years experience in Hong Kong and at all times has been a tireless student of a vast range of wellness philosophies, both Oriental and Occidental, Recently she has distilled that experience and knowledge into her new own book:

Medical to Mystical, Bring Light Into Your Life, a self-help book that includes simple, quick exercises, designed to connect the reader to their inner resources and begin their own progress to the light. Dr Jamieson’s book is available online from Findhorn Press, or you can order the book directly from this website.

The Entrepreneurial Innovative Practitioner

Her medical practice offers 16 practitioners and has, since the beginning of the new millennium, become the only one in Hong Kong combining Western and complimentary therapies ranging from family practice to kinesiology. Passionate in her search for connection and knowledge, Dr. Jamieson spends the majority of her free time in further studies. Well known for the quote, not often heard in Hong Kong, a city of investment bankers:

‘I believe in investing in myself’.

The full range of services  available from Dr Jamieson’s practice is detailed at her practice’s website.

A natural thirst for, and endless pursuit of medical knowledge and developments has resulted in Dr Jamieson meeting and working with such renowned experts as Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and ‘water guru’ Dr Masuru Emoto, whose offices she has visited in Japan. Such studies also led her to investigate energy psychology and energy medicine, as well as naturopathy and homeopathy; all of which changed her methods of practice.

Travels into Eastern Philosophies and Famous Lifestyles

Early on, her own life journey became one of bridging Eastern and Western philosophies and medicine as she enhanced her prodigious intellectual knowledge with experiential understanding of many practices ranging from Qi Gong to Oriental meditation, yoga, Indian and Chinese philosophies.

She was lucky enough to be invited to one of the first Chinese conferences in natural healing through the arts, in 2008, near the city of Guilin, below with the local Qi Gong and calligraphy expert.

Into the mix add the fact that she has also been fortunate, as she describes it, to ‘be Doctor to busy, high pressured stars such as Elton John, Mick Jagger, Kylie Minogue, Il Divo, Greenday, Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, The Eagles and others.’



This, she said, gave her an invaluable understanding of the issues faced by such ‘multi-tasking/busy high fliers trying to keep at the top of their game.’This understanding has proved particularly applicable for the top CEO’s and high achievers in business driven Hong Kong, whom she not only ministers to through her clinic but is called upon to address via her in


Media Profile

Dr Jamieson has lots of radio hosting experience, having hosted Radiolightworker with monthly guests from all walks of life, has been the Hong Kong’s Radio 3 Doctor, and has made a number of guest medical appearances on regional TV and CNN. She also undertakes many inspirational speaking engagements, and runs workshops in six star wellness resorts, in the business sector, and most recently broadcast her message on TEDx.spirational talk-shows, workshops and other public engagements.

Charity and Service

Dr Jamieson began her Asian experience in 1989 when she responded to a call for doctors to work with TB victims among the influx of boat people, or Vietnamese refugees, to Hong Kong, which was then still a British colony.

As her career progressed she expanded her service and charity work and has received many awards of commendation.

vaccinating a child
Dr Susan Jamieson has been personally invited by the governments of Asian countries to assist in the face of humanitarian disasters, especially in the first week when medical support is critical.

To read the full story and day by day account, please visit our blog page.

birthday-happiness-logoShe is a co-founder in 2007 – Setting up of and serving as chair for Hong Kong charity ‘Birthday Happiness‘, after meeting the founder, Edward Fernandzez, on a slow ferry whilst trying to write her first book! On hearing how this format had been successful in other parts of the world, in improving self esteem and even exam results as a consequence, she decided to assist in registering with the Government and finding volunteers. Since then, the charity has provided a birthday party for the underprivileged children of Hong Kong each week. These parties have a role to play in diversity issues, as well as targeting low income families to take hundreds to government sponsored adventure parks. By enabling the family to have a day out together, they reinforce the traditional Chinese values of the cohesive family unit.

Dr Jamieson  has always championed work to assist victims of domestic abuse, for which she received an award from ‘Harmony House’,  a Hong Kong charity in 2000. This was for providing free medical advice and treatments where needed to the residents and their children.

In 2004 she responded immediately when the Asian tsunami struck, flying the first week of January, having sourced and personally financed $30,000 worth of vaccines. She then flew from Europe to Sri Lanka to administer these vaccines protecting against water borne illness such as typhoid. Generous patients paid for all the vaccines.

Mystical Beginnings and a Renaissance Woman

The connections, bring together of strands from far corners, began as an only child. Susan Jamieson grew up something of a mystic, connecting to both the forces of nature and animals. Her earliest memory was lying on her back in her pram, looking up at the trees above. She remembers merging with the trees and sky above, dissolving into nature as everything softened in a haze. These experiences were repeated and often show up in later poetry. From an early age she was drawn to horses and by age 16 was short-listed for the British Junior Three Day Event team, on her 16 hand thoroughbred horse, Simonsway. This story was fodder for her chapter in the book, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Teenage Soul’ published by Arielle Ford in 2000.

Today she loves dogs, which she sees as small horses! And she demonstrates her self-titled ‘Renaissance woman’ style through art, poetry, sculpture and teaching ecstatic dance, all invigorated through ‘creativity and the power of the heart.’

With such a passion for so much and steely dedication to her first calling of keeping man healthy, Dr Jamieson is surely: A woman for all seasons, and brings an age-old message to remind us of this need to engage with our light beings, and stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before:

“Thousands of years ago, indigenous societies worldwide recognized our innate connection to each other, the Earth, Sun and forces of nature outside our control.

They embraced this concept and respected their environment and the planet, fully realizing their dependence on it for sustenance and survival.