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An Investigation into the Unseen World with Ann Treherne and Dr Susan Jamieson

First time ever, The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, has been represented in Hong Kong! Hope you can join the Chairwoman, Anne Treherne, and myself, who will be leading this workshop at the end of October!

Date: Oct 27-28 (Sat – Sun)    10 am – 5 pm

Venue:  Reflections Resource Center
13/F Unit B Suen Yue Bldg
48 Bonham Strand West
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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More Insights Into Self Healing

Doctor to the rock stars and experienced family physician, Dr Susan Jamieson leads experiential workshops, at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong, where students will learn how to both feel and work with the body’s ‘light systems’ such as the heart energy, chakras and meridians that directly correlate with our biology and health.



Schedule & Description:

Module I: How to work with Chakras and their relation to our bodies and health.
12 July (Sat): 3:00pm – 5:30pm

In this experiential workshop, we’ll connect to the essence of the Indian Chakra system in relation to the body’s organs with which they are associated, therefore improving our well-being.This will be a springboard for specific techniques to manifest our desires.

We’ll be practicing breathing techniques and movement specific to each chakra. These are based on both information from the Vedic texts as well as a modern scientific viewpoint.

Module II: Connecting to the Dao: using the Chinese meridian system to process emotions such as anger, stress, and grief.
9 August (Sat): 3:00pm – 5:30pm

These are simple exercises for instant happiness and well-being! We all experience these negative feelings, and the trick is to know how to let them go rather than allow ourselves to accumulate needless baggage.

As a physician, Dr Jamieson can scientifically explain why these traditional exercises actually work using concepts found in biology and physiology that are related to the five elements of wood, water, metal, air, and fire.

Module III: Connect to your Joy and Abundance – The Light of your Heart.
Essential information for anyone teaching in heart-centeredness.
27 September (Sat): 3:00pm – 5:30pm

Only by loving and connecting to yourself can you love and connect to others. Dr Susan Jamieson will share the latest scientific discoveries and then lead an experiential session on connecting to the light and love of our beings. Our hearts and DNA have been found to radiate light all around our bodies. This is the energy with which we work in our asanas. Learn to connect to the love and light of your heart through breathing exercises, visualisations and (non-yoga) movement. This will most certainly bring you joy!

Please see Pure Yoga’s website for additional details and how to book!

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Theosophical Society Workshop

On May 8th, 2011  Dr Jamieson will lead a workshop at the Theosophical Society in London.   The workshop is entitled:

(Tools For Wellbeing, Joy and Abundance)

Join Dr Susan Jamieson, known as ‘The Light Doctor’, in this fun and interactive workshop…    For more details click here

Second Asia Consciousness Festival

Dr Sue Jamieson will be presenting a workshop at the Second Asia Consciousness Festival 2010 in Hong Kong.

The workshop Enlightenment – An Experiential Guide (Tools for Wellbeing, Joy and Abundance) takes place on November 15th , from 2 – 6pm.

This is a totally unique workshop about Gnosis – knowledge of your true nature – and experiencing enlightenment. You will learn tools to access the power of your heart and of love – the interconnecting fabric of the Universe. Ready to take a leap?

At the conference, the world’s leading scientists and visionaries in the field of consciousness will gather with internationally renowned healers and and meditation masters. The conference brings these cutting-edge speakers and themes to the wider public, allowing people from all walks of life to gain an insight into the power of their own minds. Further details are available from the Asia Consciousness Festival website.

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Colour Your Life with Dr Susan Jamieson at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Tools for wellbeing, joy and abundance!

Since the dawn of time, the significance of colour has been intuitively understood, with indigenous tribes attributing different properties to each shade. Modern science has made recent discoveries to support this knowledge proving that our enzyme systems are activated by light, and colour signals. In the Indian Ayurveda system –“The Science of Life”- these chakra colour centres in the body relate to wellness on both a physical and emotional level.

In this workshop Dr Jamieson will share her experience of colours and chakras and their affect on your health, and how you can work with this knowledge to improve your life on all levels. In this lively, fun evening, you will learn specific movement exercises and meditative visualizations to understand your true colours.

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