Cell phones damage your health and deplete your energy!

As a busy physician who uses both a cell phone and computers, I make sure I’m protected against electro stress, which is the damaging effect of electromagnetic radiation. Electrodot-on-phone

Fourteen years ago in Australia I was presented with evidence of their damaging effects, (and maybe I’m exaggerating), but the issue seemed a like a time bomb. Everyone was denying it in the same way cigarette manufacturers did in the 70’s. However, I really believe that cell phone radiation is something we are going to hear more and more about, along with the side effects of electromagnetic emissions from Wi-Fi and computers.

Recent WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations showed that cell phones are a class B carcinogen which is similar to lead poisoning. Cancer is caused by a change in our cells’ DNA, which I will talk more about later on.

Actually there have been lots of studies showing the harmful effects of cell phones, however a landmark was in 2011 when WHO quoted a study which looked at cell phone usage up to the year 2004, showing a 40% higher risk of ‘glioma’ brain cancer among very heavy users i.e. people who had been using the phones for at least 30 minutes per day for ten years.

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Light Energy – Shine Yours!

As a physician of many years , the main thing that causes my excitement barometer to rise is what cutting edge science has to say about the nature of our bodies.

The ‘New Frontier’ of modern medicine has to be Light. Energy is so important to us, and we all know the feeling of waning at the end of the day, or with a draining friend. Ever feel like you’re a fading light? Energy not only gives us our get up and go, but is the mover and shaker in each cell.

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The Lost Light


Undoubtedly, we have lost our connection to ‘The Light’. By this I mean the light at the core of our being: that of our DNA, and our heart; the primordial flame; and the light of the Earth. Our ancestors had this connection, using a combination of ritual, worship and myth.

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Dr Jamieson’s Book Now Available for Kindle

Dr Jamieson’s book  Medical to Mystical is now available for download to the Kindle eReader from

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Second Asia Consciousness Festival

Dr Sue Jamieson will be presenting a workshop at the Second Asia Consciousness Festival 2010 in Hong Kong.

The workshop Enlightenment – An Experiential Guide (Tools for Wellbeing, Joy and Abundance) takes place on November 15th , from 2 – 6pm.

This is a totally unique workshop about Gnosis – knowledge of your true nature – and experiencing enlightenment. You will learn tools to access the power of your heart and of love – the interconnecting fabric of the Universe. Ready to take a leap?

At the conference, the world’s leading scientists and visionaries in the field of consciousness will gather with internationally renowned healers and and meditation masters. The conference brings these cutting-edge speakers and themes to the wider public, allowing people from all walks of life to gain an insight into the power of their own minds. Further details are available from the Asia Consciousness Festival website.

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