Pollution, botulism and avoiding toxins in Hong Kong

The recent health scare regarding botulism toxins in our food has made us all realize the potential for inadvertently ingesting dangerous substances.  I find as a family doctor that tiredness, lack of concentration and worsening memory, are recurrent complaints in my patients. I’ve often found the cause to be symptomatic of the adverse affects of toxicity – from unhealthy foods, to pollution – breathing in heavy metals (such as road traffic exhaust).

I have been doing tests for these heavy metals for many years, and have experience of a number of ways to remove them from the body (chelation, with medicines or natural substances).

However, I believe that there is a ‘background’ of toxicity in our environment with which we just have to cope.  Our bodies need only a small helping hand to cleanse itself effectively, and we could all use more energy!

 I’m sharing my 25 years experience as a Hong Kong family doctor who has seen one health crisis after another and sharing tips on how I keep my patients super healthy!  Taking daily, regular, natural food supplements can help the body’s detox machinery in the liver and kidneys. Pick up your supplements from our Queen’s Road Office at any time.

The fact that the world’s biggest dairy foods exporter, Fonterra, had tons of its whey protein contaminated with a deadly toxin is one of the most frightening health scares of recent years. After all, we use the trusted Cow and Gate milk formula for the most valuable commodities -our babies.

Bottle for milk formula isolated on white

The bacteria, Clostridium botulinum, is a deadly toxin if administered in large enough doses.

Luckily for Hong Kong, the company claim that no contaminated products were imported here, however in other countries there were reports of babies having the following symptoms:


Fever, lack of appetite, tiredness and weakness

The effects of this toxin are to paralyze muscle, so large doses could potentially stop the movement of essential muscles such as the heart and lung muscles.

Seringue sur fond blanc 3Interestingly, this is the desired effect when injected as a beauty aid, such as Botox. It’s very effective at immobilizing muscles, lasting for many weeks. Nowadays we are all so health conscious, going to the gym, eating organic, however I wonder if people who get this beauty treatment have realized that they are paying for a toxin that the rest of Hong Kong are in fear of contaminating their food?

Living in a city can be a minefield for the health conscious. We see the pollution index high most days, and are given vague guidelines such as “asthmatics warned not to go outdoors!” Obviously we inhale whatever is in the atmosphere, where it’s filtered by our nose, sinuses before arriving in the lungs. Not surprisingly, as a family doctor in Hong Kong the majority of my work is treating sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma and allergies, as well as eye irritations.

This is old news, and the more important point is, “How do we maintain our health throughout this?”. Well, to cope with the long working hours, noise and chemical pollution of Hong Kong we have to have the most supportive supplement regime. Don’t get me wrong – healthy eating is hugely important, however there are 20-30% less nutrients (minerals) in the soil compared to 20 years ago, so we do need to supplement.



My top favourites:

I import these, have used them for years and have seen great results. Feel free to pick some up in our Queens Rd Office any time. The important thing is to take one or two things only – keep it simple, and to keep it going. This way your enzyme systems are helped to clear toxins.


Alfalfa“Alfalfa’ is Arabic for, ‘The Father of all foods’. It’s one of the most potent alkalinizing agents there is. Bear in mind that 99% of disease process including cancers need an acidic environment to survive and you will understand why a daily dose is a good thing! More information can be found here.




Spirulina is 80% protein by weight, and is an algae, so also full of essential minerals from ancient sea beds. It is one of the richest sources of beta-carotene foods available.  Beta-carotene is a potent anti-oxidant which can help to protect against cancer and heart disease.  Our imported brand is freshly put into capsules in the 6 months prior to importing. This is of huge benefit to the potency – can you imagine how old nutrients are by the time they go from warehouse storage to sitting on a shop shelf?



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Jet Lag Prevention

After flying all night to Europe, I manage to get a few hours sleep on the plane. Arriving in Paris or London  at 6am, I somehow  manage through the day. The problem usually comes in the late afternoon,  when 5pm feels like 11pm and exhaustion sets in. This can suddenly happen at any time however, when I suddenly feel drained of energy.  Overcoming jet lag becomes my top priority on trips as I want to get as much business done, and as much fun as possible in my time abroad! Jet lag remedies are also useful as there are the less obvious symptoms we all experience such as digestive disorders, nausea, dizziness, lack of concentration and memory.

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Cell phones damage your health and deplete your energy!

As a busy physician who uses both a cell phone and computers, I make sure I’m protected against electro stress, which is the damaging effect of electromagnetic radiation. Electrodot-on-phone

Fourteen years ago in Australia I was presented with evidence of their damaging effects, (and maybe I’m exaggerating), but the issue seemed a like a time bomb. Everyone was denying it in the same way cigarette manufacturers did in the 70’s. However, I really believe that cell phone radiation is something we are going to hear more and more about, along with the side effects of electromagnetic emissions from Wi-Fi and computers.

Recent WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations showed that cell phones are a class B carcinogen which is similar to lead poisoning. Cancer is caused by a change in our cells’ DNA, which I will talk more about later on.

Actually there have been lots of studies showing the harmful effects of cell phones, however a landmark was in 2011 when WHO quoted a study which looked at cell phone usage up to the year 2004, showing a 40% higher risk of ‘glioma’ brain cancer among very heavy users i.e. people who had been using the phones for at least 30 minutes per day for ten years.

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Cell Phone Radiation and Health

Cell phone radiation is something we are going to hear more and more about, along with the side effects of electromagnetic emissions from wi-fi and computers.

Recent WHO recommendations showed that cell phones are a class B carcinogen (like car exhaust or lead poisoning). This is a huge worry to everyone, especially doctors. As a Hong Kong family doctor, over the past 23 years I’ve had an increasing in-flux of patients, who all say the same thing:

“I’m tired all the time. I do all the right things, exercise, eat well and drink moderate alcohol. All these blood tests in my recent medical were normal, however it doesn’t change the way I feel – exhausted!”

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Energy Healing – All Around Us

Having worked as a family doctor for over 20 years, I know that if I use the term ‘energy healing’, a glazed look comes over my patients’ faces. I desperately try to redeem myself by plunging into a scientific explanation, but it’s rare to find someone who wants to hear about quantum physics and electromagnetic energies.

Experience has taught me that perhaps it’s better not use the term energy healing at all, as it’s so over-used and misunderstood. Also, it has a rather superior twang of, ‘only done by us, the chosen few, sensitive talented souls nearer to God’. This is a pity, as energy healing is a bit like playing the piano – anyone can be taught to do it, although some have more natural talent than others.

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