Cannes Film Festival

CadillacI was invited to the Cannes Film Festival by a good friend who had recently made a film, which was being shown there.  I reckoned it would be a good opportunity to meet buyers and distributors for my recently released DVD teaching exercises for emotional and physical well-being.

After flying Hong Kong to Paris, In the usual tired and dishevelled state, I shuffle anxiously to the terminal where I can catch the flight to Nice, in the South. I’m no longer able to maintain the trusting casualness of my youth, and walking with a frown on my face, am worried about going the wrong way or being in the wrong place.

Turns out I love this terminal 2F in Charles De Gaulle natural airport-not only is there a superb shoulder massage area, but I discover in a recessed area next to the gate an organic food café. Heaven! My body is really craving some veggies after 12 hours of airline food. I order a ridiculous amount… little plastic pots of beans, petit pois, carrots, quinoa, as well as a large slice of spinach quiche. Also, let’s face it; we need sugar at these times, so the selection of French pastries proves irresistible. Tarte au Citron is just what the doctor ordered…

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Feng Shui Tips for ‘Year of the Water Snake’

new year card with snake 2013: WE LIKE THE SOUTH AND SOUTH EAST!

Feng Shui is one of many sophisticated tools invented by the ancient Chinese, along with astronomy and Chinese medicine. The idea here is that we, as humans, are a microcosm in the macrocosm -a very small, but important wheel in a wonderful large machine of the

Every year the electromagnetic energy (light) relationship, or bearing, changes with respect to the Earth, our Sun, and the Cosmos. Feng Shui advice seeks to adjust and ameliorate these changes, in order to harmonize our lives.

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