Known as ‘The Light Doctor’, Dr Jamieson is an award-winning Scottish and Harvard trained physician, and specialist in East-West integrative medicine. On top of this, she specialises in accessing the light in our bodies.

Based in Hong Kong, she’s had 26 years experience of learning how to work with different healing systems and philosophies. She serves as a bridge between science and spirituality, enabling people to optimize their physical and emotional health.

Dr Susan Jamieson is fortunate enough to be doctor to celebrities, such as Elton John, Mike Jagger, Kylie Minogue, Coldplay and many more!

She regularly lectures and presents workshops internationally, for example, London’s prestige theosophical society. Please click here for details on recent and upcoming events


“To achieve permanent healing results faster, it’s necessary to go deeper than the physical,  so clients can access their inner healing energy, that  intuitive wisdom we know lies deep within.