Known as ‘The Light Doctor’, Dr Jamieson is an award-winning Scottish and Harvard trained physician, and specialist in East-West integrative medicine. On top of this, she specialises in accessing the light in our bodies.

Based in Hong Kong, she’s had 26 years experience of learning how to work with different healing systems and philosophies. She serves as a bridge between science and spirituality, enabling people to optimize their physical and emotional health.


Dr Susan Jamieson is fortunate enough to be doctor to celebrities, such as Elton John, Mike Jagger, Kylie Minogue, Coldplay and many more!

She regularly lectures and presents workshops internationally, for example, London’s prestige theosophical society. Please click here for details on recent and upcoming events


“To achieve permanent healing results faster, it’s necessary to go deeper than the physical,  so clients can access their inner healing energy, that  intuitive wisdom we know lies deep within.
This is done by embracing the principal of ‘oneness’ – meaning no separation between body, mind, spirit, or indeed patient and doctor.   As an ‘add-on’ to the  practice  of modern medicine, the  more subtle quantum level – the light fields at the core of our human energy- can be accessed and utilised. 
This not only enables more accurate diagnoses being reached more quickly, it lies in the realm, and at the heart of ‘spontaneous remissions’, as the therapist-client relationship is optimised for better communication and efficacy.”

Core Light Messages

The Web of Light

Peak Experience

Finding Joy and Peace in Nature

The Effortless Flow of Intuition

Qi Gong – The Light Above and Below

Qi Gong – Separating Heaven and Earth

Colors of the Rainbow



 Access Your Inner Resources – Experience Your Light

Medical to Mystical Book

Medical To Mystical – The Book

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Cutting-edge science, explained simply. Take a journey through the light of your DNA and basic physiological body processes, connecting to the light of your heart, the Earth and Sun.

Access Your Inner Light DVD

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Join ‘The LightDoctor’, Dr Susan Jamieson, M.D., in this series of gentle exercises that use movement, breath and colours – be happier and enjoy a greater sense of well-being!
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Today’s high-tech world exposes us to challenges our species has never before encountered. Electro-pollution caused by cellphones and other electronic devices can make vibrant health hard to achieve. Learn more about EMF Protection and Shielding.

Be whole, and all things will come to you.

Lao Tsu


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Dr Susan Jamieson:

Family doctor, inspirational speaker, author, humanitarian worker, with a background of associate professor at the Chinese University, Hong Kong, Reiki master, EMF and EFT practitioner, and CEO of her own medical practice, which she established in the heart of Central, Hong Kong in 1995 – These are just some of Dr Jamieson’s attainments and part of what has led to her “amazing journey to the light” which she now in turn dispenses through her drive and commitment to reach out to people all around the globe through a multitude of initiatives.

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The LightDoctor:

Her mission is: To help people understand the rudiments of the concept of knowledge of ourselves as beings of light – so they can absorb, hold and share as much of it as is humanly possible in order to be all that they can be in this world, and accordingly achieve their total potential, on all levels: personally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in preparation for the next stage of our evolution.

Dr Sue is a medical doctor who has embraced the spiritual side of healing, blending medical knowledge with wisdom from ancient traditions.

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How The Mission Is Achieved:

‘At the basis of the concept of light is one of unity consciousness: at some level, we are all one, interconnected and interdependent,’ she explains.

Her passion is in connecting…connecting ourselves with the Earth, with people and animals, connecting western and indigenous healing modalities, as well as connecting and integrating different area of our psyche though her work.

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From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things, and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Dr Jamieson’s Hong Kong Clinic

If you’re in Hong Kong and want the same excellent medical care that many of the world’s greatest star performers choose, contact Holistic Central.

What The LightDoctor Does

  • Helps you access your inner resources; always utilize your many talents.
  • Guides you to live at 100% all the time – of your potential in joy, well-being and abundance.
  • Models methods to remain peaceful and grounded, handling emotions such as anger and grief, by connection through integrating with nature, and the Earth.
  • Shows you that through these methods, physical healing will follow.

What Clients Say

I’ve learnt a lot. What I really got was Susan’s energy – so peaceful, smooth, and uplifting to be around that energy. I really got a lot.

Velda Kwan, Business Owner, Hong Kong

What an inspiration you are! A beautifully heart-centered, yet strong, intelligent, wise healer and divine “bridge,” making a big difference everywhere you go. Bravo!

Sage Taylor Kingsley

Dear Dr Jamieson, I wanted you to know that you are head and shoulders above all other doctors that I have known in Hong Kong. While others here generally spend little to no time talking to their patients to really understand their situation and thus be in a position to make an accurate, holistic diagnosis, you always ask me how I am generally every time I come in with an illness. You explain my ailment to me in terms I understand. Even more so, I really appreciate your offering me ideas on natural therapies, and how to stay healthy and happy. I would vote you the best family doctor in Hong Kong. And thank you for taking care of me and my family members. Best wishes for a good summer

Alexa Lam

I commend you on all that you have achieved in your practice in Hong Kong. You are an inspirational leader in the path towards integrating the left and right brain’s manner of thinking in regards to medical treatment and healing

Cheryl Preston

This was a really interesting lecture. Fascinating that we’re like a light between Heaven and Earth. She has a wonderful way with words and very clearly communicates her relaxation so that we all get a feeling of wellbeing. I found the exercises simple and easy to do. Finally, after the Light meditation I felt ‘on a high’ – really good!

Richard Wickes, Kung Fu Master